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I am a highly experienced, knowledgeable, health and fitness consultant. Located in San Mateo, I am available to the Bay area clients seeking a serious diet and training regimen. In addition, I am ridiculously committed to helping my clients achieve not only their fitness goals, but far beyond what they ever imagined possible. My methodology not only delivers great results, but is fun too! As a fitness coach, I work closely with my clients to understand their personal goals and ensure their success.




30% +
Children ages 6-11 who are overweight
17 min
Average time adults exercise each day
of adults have met the Physical Activity Guidelines for both aerobic and muscle strengthening activity
Weight of Avg American Woman, also the equivalent of the Avg. American man in the early 60's
10 min
of Interval workouts can burn as running on a treadmill for 45 minutes.


Acquired through hands-on experience, I have over 30+ years


Or do they know what it’s like to be where you’re at? Do they understand the demands imposed on the human body during movement? 


Our intense passion is in helping other people lose weight, feel better, increase their energy, improve their self esteem and everyday experiencing the deep satisfaction of knowing we helped them accomplish those things.

You deserve only the best.

What should you be searching for
in a health and fitness specialist?

It’s hard to find good quality health and fitness professionals. You look at them on paper, and they may meet the qualifications, but those qualifications have to come to life. The practical application is the challenge.

Some may have years of experience and knowledge, like ourselves, may be organized and know how to manage their time, have a good work ethic, etc., and they say a lot. However, the issue isn’t just finding a personal trainer or a dietitian with great credentials. It’s finding the right personal trainer or dietitian in an industry in which is just emerging.

And because the industry is still in its infantile stages It will be a while before the supply of health and fitness professionals equals the demand. Right now, the demand for health and fitness professionals with qualifications and experience is higher than the supply, so often an unqualified consultant fills that spot.

While there are other great fitness professionals in San Mateo, it would be my privilege to share your journey in becoming the “you” that you’ve always known you can be.

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What our clients say:

  • John is truly an elite trainer and fitness professional. He not only coaches on the movement of an activity he also explains why the range of motion needs to be that particular way. I’m athletic and have worked out solo and with other trainers in the past. However, the experience with John is absolutely quality fitness training. My body feels stronger than ever by developing muscles I had been ignoring thanks to John. I would recommend John to anyone at any fitness level at any age -ranging from athletes to someone who is interested in weight loss. What I’ve seen is at any fitness level John will design a customized workout.

    Nicole D.
  • John’s an awesome trainer. He pushes you to your limit but knows how to mix things up so you’re constantly targeting different muscle groups. I originally started training with him 5 years ago to get ready for my wedding — he got me down to my goal weight, but more importantly, he made sure I was lean and mean on my wedding day! Then, after enjoying the post wedding eating smorgasbord, I returned to John a few years later to force me back into shape! If you have the time & dedication to train on a regular basis, you’ll definitely get your money’s worth out of John.

    Kristin S.
  • Excellent trainer. What distinguishes John from others is that he can explain exactly why you’re feeling pain, why you can’t perform a certain exercise, etc. and tie those symptoms to specific muscles. By explaining where the muscles hook up and how they work with other muscle groups, you start to understand the exercise, how it’s done right, and why he has you do certain ones in a given session and not others.

    I feel fortunate to be able to work with a trainer of his quality.

    Conrad C.
  • I highly recommend John as a personal trainer. He completely changed my outlook on exercise and health by whipping me into shape for my wedding. Not only did John challenge me with intense workouts, he also gave great advice on nutrition/water intake, particularly the months leading up to the big day. John’s workouts are challenging and varied – indoor/outdoor, cardio/weights – he keeps it interesting. An extra perk is his great personality, fun attitude, and taste in music. He always has a good workout playlist on! John is the best investment I made – not only did my body transform but I had more energy, slept better, and felt great overall. If you are looking for a jump start on fitness and health, John’s your guy!

    Caroline W.