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The “Perfect Woman”

One of the best qualities woman have is that they’re more conscious of their bodies and how they present themselves to the world. As a personal trainer who has trained women of all shapes and sizes, I am well aware that women often view themselves as being out of shape, as a result they discount and/or underestimate themselves.

Women are overwhelmed by media images of the “perfect woman” – more than likely she is 17-25 years old, tall, and weighs about 110 pounds. She likely olive toned, has thick wavy hair, beautiful eyes, and a gorgeous smile. It takes a team of 2-3 people to make her up for a photo shoot, then every single flaw is digitally removed afterwards. In the real world this woman doesn’t actually exist, and since actively trying to be a refection of her anyway breaks a woman’s spirits everywhere, shouldn’t women aspire to a different kind of role model?

Below are pictures of female Olympian Athletes. What is so great about each one is how fit they all are for the sport they compete in – yet none have the body of what is often seen as the “perfect woman”. In fact, the pictures celebrate all the different kinds of healthy bodies there are for women to aspire to. Reality is that as women age, have children and take on more responsibilities it doesn’t matter how much they weigh or how much they work out, most are never going to look like what the media defines as the “perfect woman” without sacrificing quality of life. But in prime condition, they may conceive of a body like, Jennifer Garner, Cameron Diaz, Jada Pinkett Smith or Jessica Biel.

Naturally, the pictures illustrated below are of women themselves at their peak condition. Most of the women I have trained have never reached such a level of fitness. It’s unlikely that they ever will. But as realistic role models – they have embraced a lifestyle that includes a commitment towards achieving great things through diligent diet and exercise. This takes a tremendous amount of discipline, commitment and sacrifice. Just as most goals require.

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